How to care for ZZ Plant? Home care and cultivation guide

How to care for ZZ Plant
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ZZ Plant is a beautiful plant that does not require too much. A little attention and the right selection of important elements will make you enjoy this wonderful plant for many years. Are you wondering how to care for the ZZ Plant?

The best way to take care of ZZ Plant is by watering it rarely but intensively. Plant it in well-drained soil, in a pot with drainage holes. Fertilize in spring and summer.

Here is the whole recipe for a beautiful ZZ Plant. Read on to find out how to do this and find out more details.

How to take care of the ZZ Plant, or what to do to make it grow beautifully?

Caring for the ZZ Plant is an amazing pleasure. Zamioculcas zamiofilia, as its full name sounds, is a succulent that comes from Africa. Over the centuries it has adapted to the harsh climate and developed the ability to store water. This ability allows him to survive in periods when there is no access to water.

ZZ Plant is a very popular plant because of the resistance it has developed. Its maintenance does not require much effort. You could even say that cultivation problems arise when it is cared for too much.

I mean a situation where the ZZ Plant is watered too often. Many people who start their adventure with succulents treat them like ordinary plants. They think that the soil should be kept constantly moist, as this is what most plants grown in their homes like.

ZZ Plant is a typical plant for the forgetful. It is better to water it once a week. Before each watering, make sure the soil is dry. Really dry, which means it’s supposed to look “like pepper”. The soil in which there is zamioculcas is best for watering.

So, let’s see how to care for the ZZ Plant.

Take care of optimal environmental conditions

ZZ Plant care
ZZ Plant care

The surroundings of the ZZ Plant play a very important role. For a succulent to develop properly, you need to provide it with the right environment. Here I mean some very important aspects that have a direct impact on the cultivation of this plant.

Right place

The right place for ZZ Plant is the beginning of success in its cultivation. Zamioculcas likes medium or bright places . This is why it can often be found in shopping malls.

A windowsill is a good place to set it, but you have to remember about possible drafts. The windows are sometimes leaky and in winter there can be an unpleasant, icy draft. It can cause the leaves of the ZZ Plant to turn yellow from the window side.

Before you put this plant on the windowsill, check for leaks in winter.


Zamioculcas zamiofilia feels great at a temperature of 10-30 degrees. C. _ In Poland, it can be successfully grown at home. In summer, you can even put it outside or in the garden.

Just pay attention to the pests that may then establish themselves on the plant. The juicy leaves of the ZZ Plant are a favorite food for small worms, so it is worth protecting the plant against them.

If you want to expose this succulent outdoors, protect it with a suitable pest control agent in the summer. You will find many such products in the garden store. It is enough to prepare the suspension according to the instructions and spray the ZZ Plant thoroughly outdoors.

By doing this, you will take care of the zamioculcas and protect it from pests. It is much easier to do it right away than to fight the bitten leaves later.

Air humidity

You do not need to use any special treatments to ensure adequate humidity for the ZZ Plant. The usual humidity you have at home will be most appropriate.

Just remember that ZZ Plant is from Africa. For thousands of years, he got used to the dry air. Of course, none of us has air at home with the humidity of the Sahara, but ordinary (higher than in Africa) air humidity in our homes should not harm it.

The exception to this rule is when the ZZ Plant is standing in the bathroom. Especially one with a shower or bathtub. The humidity in such a room can be much higher, so I do not recommend placing the plant in this place.

This does not mean, of course, that the ZZ Plant will immediately fall down when you put it in the bathroom. I have seen him in many places like this, but I just want to say that it is not necessarily the optimal place for his height.

ZZ Plant is perfect for forgetful people
ZZ Plant is perfect for forgetful people


I mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth paying attention to for a moment. Zmiokulkas doesn’t need a lot of light . A moderately bright room is enough and it will grow quite nicely.

However, you need to be careful with the direct rays of the sun . If the sun shines directly on the zmiokulkas, its leaves may get burned for too long. The edges of the leaves will then start to turn red, and over time they will start to dry and fall off.

Water the ZZ Plant regularly

Regular watering is perhaps the most important part of a good plant cultivation. In order to take good care of the ZZ Plant , you need to water it regularly and properly.

Let me start with what “actually” means. Many people think that succulents should be watered with a little water.

It’s not true.

Succulents to which the ZZ Plant belongs should be watered heavily, but only on the condition that the pot has drainage and the soil is well drained.

You can start watering the ZZ Plant of the gooseberry only when the soil is completely dry.

It is enough to put your finger in the pot to feel if the soil is moist. If it is completely dry, this is the best time to water.

This is just one of the ways you can take care of the ZZ Plant . Find out more about watering succulents here .

Take care of the right soil

Neat soil of ZZ Plant
Neat soil of ZZ Plant

Adequate soil is crucial for plants. This is the second most important element of plant cultivation, after watering. ZZ Plant belongs to the succulent family. This group includes plants such as aloe , haworthia and echeveria . All of these plants grow well in soil that is permeable.

The point is that the land in which the ZZ Plant grows must pass water . The soil should not be compacted and constantly moist. Soil that is still wet can cause serious ZZ Plant diseases, such as root rot.

That is why the soil for the zamioculcas should have an appropriate composition. You can prepare it yourself or buy a ready-made mixture for cacti.

Cultivate the ZZ Plant by proper fertilization

Proper fertilization is another, very important element in the care of ZZ Plant. This species is best fertilized in spring and summer. For fertilization, it is worth using ready-made fertilizer for cacti. It usually contains all the necessary nutrients.

You can buy this fertilizer in a garden store.

Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Fertilizers are most often sold in the form of a concentrate that must be diluted before use.

After proper fertilization, the ZZ Plant should begin to grow more intensively. This is when young shoots start to appear and the plant acquires an intense green color.


As you can see, you can easily take care of the ZZ Plant that are grown at home. In our climate zone, it should also grow nicely in the apartment. There are a few things you should do to enjoy a wonderful zmaiokulkas.  

You absolutely need to plant it in the right soil . The right one is one that is well drained. In my tutorial on soil for ZZ Plant you will find a specific recipe on how to prepare such soil yourself.  

Outside of the ground, you also need to take care of a pot with drainage holes . They must be large enough for the excess water to flow freely from the pot. ZZ Plant can not stand when its roots are in the water, so be sure to drain it properly.

The last thing is watering and fertilizing.

Water intensively, but rarely . After watering the ZZ Plant, be sure to pour out the excess water from the saucer. If you do not do this, the roots of the plant will grow deeper into the ground, which is not conducive to proper growth.  

So much for answering the question of how to care for the ZZ Plant. I hope this guide will help you care for your plant properly . Growing the ZZ Plant will surely give you a lot of fun.

P.S. For more info I recommend you read my article about how to care for succulents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to care for a ZZ Plant?

It is best to start caring for the ZZ Plant with the right soil and pot. Use well-drained soil and a pot with drainage holes. Water it, let it stand still or boiled. In summer, you can water the zamikulkas every week and in winter, even once a month.

How to save the ZZ Plant?

It all depends on what is wrong with him. If the ZZ Plant turns yellow , it may have too much water.

What conditions does ZZ Plant need?

ZZ Plant needs a moderate amount of light, well-drained soil and a pot with drainage. It should be watered only after the soil has dried.

What kind of pot should the ZZ Plant have?

ZZ Plant must have a pot with drainage holes. When watering, excess water should drain through the holes for the base. After watering, pour the water out of the stand.

Can the ZZ Plant stand on the balcony?

ZZ Plant can stand on the balcony, but only in summer and autumn. If you put it on the balcony when it’s less than + 7 degrees C outside, the ZZ Plant will die.

How to strengthen the ZZ Plant?

ZZ Plant can be strengthened by applying the right fertilizers, for example, for cacti. Use the fertilizer during the period of intensive growth, in spring and summer.

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